Simmons and Daughters Sugarhouse offers maple syrup products in variety of styles.


Please contact us if you are interested in any of the products listed below. Shipping is available except for glass items.



plastic syrup bottles

Plastic Containers


Gallon: $62

Half Gallon: $36

Quart: $21

Pint: $12

Half Pint: $7



maple syrup glass jugs

Glass Containers


Round Liter Bottle: $22

12 oz Bottle: $12

Round 8.5 oz Bottle: $9



Glass Mason Jars


Half Gallon: $36

Quart: $21

Pint: $13

Pint Mason Mug: $13



wedding favors

Wedding Favors

Stocking Stuffers


Maine Maple Syrup bottled in a unique

container perfect for gifts and event favors

Special Order Only






Available in Green, Navy blue, Red, White: $20

Call for availability



Window Sticker


Small 2.5″ Round: $2

Large 5″ Round: $3